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The Shape of a Dream



26-27 Aug 2011

Water Feature at SMU, Stamford Road, Stamford Green

Paradise Alley is a free annual outdoor performance presented by Cake. Fusing experimental theatre with visual spectacle,

Paradise Alley takes to the streets, bringing theatre into common spaces to capture, enthral and uplift the spirit and imagination of audiences in a diverse and electrifying gathering.

Flower Nymphs Ring Around the Roses Melt Jazzy Jazz And The Razzmatazz


The Shape of a Dream A Thousand Different Things Yolanda's Fever






Neon VIllage


Yolanda's Fever




17-19 June 2006

Atrium@ Orchard




Natalie Hennedige

Brian Gothong Tan

Mohd Fared Jainal

Rizman Putra

Teo Kiat Sing

Reilly Zagreus Phanes

Sarah Chui

Dewu Pugilistic Association

Wen Yang Lion Dance Troupe

Singapore Pipe Band



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The Straits Times Life! accorded it the ‘Most Epic award’ in the post Singapore Arts Festival report.


“Multi-culturalism took on a trippy twist with lion-dancers painted in kabuki-like makeup, wielding their ‘lions’ to the strains of rock tunes and Scottish bagpipes. Tres strange but in the best possible way.” –The Straits Times Life!



Yolanda runs a fever throughout the night. She has visions and strange dreams. This one’s the worst…


Two islands are separated by a vast body of water. Enormous whales swim. Sharks and giant squid too. In her dream, the people on the other side are going to die. They must be warned. They need a messenger. Yolanda volunteers.  She gets into a glass dome and runs.  Somewhere in the middle, she turns around and sees a ship the size of the Himalayas. It is right behind her. She runs faster. It is at her heels.  Yolanda’s blood freezes. She tries to keep going. She can’t imagine escape. Even if she did, the ship would eventually catch up.


Yolanda’s Fever, conceptualised and directed by Natalie Hennedige, is a theatrical experience, where installation art collides with theatre. Brian Gothong Tan (Visual Artist) will create an installation playground that will serve both as an art piece and a platform for the theatre performance to take place. Performers will interact with each other in humorous, volatile, explosive, farcical, and poignant turns in an ironic, darkly funny dreamscape that explores heartache in the pursuit of beauty and the peril of looking back.




Conceptualised and directed by

Art Installation by

Performed by


A Thousand Different Things



26 June 2007

Esplanade Waterfront


Conceived and Directed by

Production Design by





Indian Dancers








Chinese Opera



Dikir Barat













Pom Pom Girls


Natalie Hennedige

Mohd Fared Jainal

Eswaran Gnaguru, Rizman Putra, Muhammad Najib bin Soiman, Emanorwatty bte Mohd Saleh, Mohd Fared Jainal

Abirame Asohan, Anu Asohan, Iswarya Kayakumar  Kalpana Sivan, Radha Pannerselvam, Gautami Pannerselvam, Shivani Ramesh, Aarene Thirunavuukasasuu, Ranjini Ganapathy, Annanpoorani, Neilambikai Sathyalingam, Nagaletchimi d/o Balasupramaniam, Subhashini Maniam Doris Tan, Choy Yien Chow, Goh Gek Keow, Low Lai Toh, Thong Sam Ming, Ow Wai Harn, Cheong Yew Fong

Abdul Rahim B. Abdul Malek, Abdul Samad B. Ahmad, Ahmad Zuhri B. Osop, Amirr Hamzah B. Haji Abdul Moin, Elias Jaafar, Khairul Anuar B. Mohd. Rosli, Muhammad Azra’ie B. Rafi’ee, Muhammad Hafeez B. Yahya, Muhammad Hafiz B. Sawi, Muhammad Hizamy B. Md. Tarmizy, Muhammad Iqbal B. Rashid, Nor Rizal B. Ebrahim, Sharul Effendi B. Arrifin, Nur Afniyaty Bte. Rafidi, Siti Naqiah Bte. Mohd Fakhir, Siti Aisiah Bte Sairi, Nurbaitina Bte. Zainuddin

Amanda Faith Huang, Bay Su Yi Chantel, Charmaine Wee Shu Yun, Christine Koh Xin Fang, Chua Sin Hui Melissa, Erina Tan May Xin, Fancine Ting Yu Qing, Hong Yan Rong Joanna, Jeanette Flower Kwan Yong Si, Lee Shu Qing, Moira Loh Xiao Hui, Saacha-Rosa Jacob Issac, Sharon Lim Ming Wei, Tan Pei En Cabrini, Tan Pei En Marie, Wong Xin Ling




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"A work of spectacle and laughter, this play is experimental theatre for the people, by the people...


this production shows the commitment of Cake to expanding the scope of community theatre...The most crucial success, however, must be Hennedige's initiative to showcase traditional arts in a collaborative, contemporary context" –The Straits Times



In A Thousand Different Things, a grand whimsical parade is created. The masses wait with baited breath for the arrival of the glorious, legendary, larger-than-life President! It is his birthday and coincidentally the country’s birthday as well. But he is fashionably late and the people wait. In the mean time there is non-stop entertainment by a host of curious, kooky, extraordinary, civil servant volunteers who perform with gusto! There is plenty to feast the eyes! Music! Choreographed sequences! Outlandish props and costumes! Finally the moment of truth, the glorious, legendary, larger-than-life President arrives and the crowd goes wild! It is a spectacular celebration till the end! Then everyone leaves, while a hunchback 100-year-old sweeper cleans up.


Jazzy Jazz And The Razzmatazz



23 August 2008

Marine Cove, East Coast Parkway

Conceived and Directed by

Production Design by


Performed by





Rizman Putra

Mohd Fared Jainal

Nizam Supardi

Shafiq Iskandar

Zul Mystroe

Ian Loy

Jigri Yaar Bhangra Academy

Majilis Pusat-Kirana Sen

The Pinholes

Six Feet Under



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This is the story of Jazz, a boy who wakes up one morning and realizes he is bored with every single thing in his life and NOTHING excites him anymore.


He embarks on a journey to re-discover the joy of living! The celebration of existence! The truest meaning of exuberance and jubilation!


On his journey, a strong urge of re-amplification begins to envelop his jaded senses as he discovers the freedom of Rock n Roll, the pounding sound of Dhol, the nimble steps of the Zapin dancers plus the supersonic gestures of the Bhangra troopers.


If there is no reason to walk, he has to dance.


If there is no reason to talk, he can always sing.


Boredom is a myth.


All he needs is to rekindle that spark of melody within his deepest soul.


This super wacky super bizarre super musical theatrical spectacle is set to challenge any parade of dreams on this planet or in outer space.






7 November 2009

Toa Payoh Amphitheatre



Conceived and Directed by

Written by

Production Design by

Performed by




Rizman Putra

Natalie Hennedige

Neon Tights

Adib Azad



Shahril Wahid

Vijay Singh

Ruzaini Bin Hassan (Yuz)

Shahnoramlam Bin Mohamed Eusope (Laney)

Bloco Singapura

Kesenian Tedja Timur 1948


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Before the man could shut his eyes, the dream began. His eyes leapt out of their sockets whirling in space. His ears detached and twirled like partners in a dance. His mouth stretched opened singing things he could not understand. His tongue whipped and lashed like a venomous dancing snake. He willed his features back in place but willfully they disobeyed. Eyes where the Nose should be. Ears stuck inside the mouth. Nose perched above the Eyes. Tongue wagging all about! Strangeness and more strangeness! The man was in peril of not recognizing himself anymore. The man needed to get his face together. He needed to open his yes and get up.


Conceptualised and directed by Rizman Putra and written by Natalie Hennedige, Melt is an outdoor theatrical experience that combines visual art, theatre, movement and music into a rare and surprising theatrical treat. Neon tights, a merry band of visual artists will create visual installations and structures that will take the shape of larger than life eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tongue. A percussion troupe will beat and bang sending exuberant sound waves through the streets and all around, Kuda Kepang performers will replace their horses with live sized limbs. Join us as one man’s meltdown turns into joyous celebration of the imagination.


Neon Village




13 November 2010

Fountain Square at City Square Mall

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In Neon Village, people lived in bliss. Two sacred flowers on a hill, kiss. All was well, pretty much swell, until the flowers were untowardly messed with! So because of the ruffled flowers, there came upon Neon Village - all sorts of terribly weird showers! Alas! Neon Village!




Fared Jainal takes the reins for this free-for-all outdoor theatrical treat. Come venture outside with Paradise Alley, Cake’s wing of experimental theatre-meets-visual spectacle in public spaces.

Conceived and Directed by

Written by

Production Design by

Performed by




Fared Jainal

Natalie Hennedige

Neon Tights

Lim Jey Jey

Noorazlan Bin Misnan                                                                                                                                                

Rahmat Suliman                                                                                                                                                

Shahril Wahid

Shahrul bin Mohammed                                                                                                                                                

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Taekwondo Club

Bloco Singapura

Artiste Seni Budaya Tepak Sireh                                                                                                                                    

Qigong Shi Ba Shi Association (Singapore)

Conceived and Directed by

Sound design by

Production design by

Lighting design by

Performed by


Natalie Hennedige

Philip Tan

Neon Tights

Suven Chan

Al Hafiz Sanusi, Ang Hui Bin, Azlan Misnan, John Cheah, Chia Jiayan, Faizal Abdullah, Fazli Ahmad, Julius Foo, Gloria Ng, Ian Loy, Muhammad Najib Bin Soiman (bijaN), Ng Zheng Yang Zach, Timothy Nga, Bright Ong, Ong Chin Hwee, Rizman Putra, Darius Sim, Paula Sim, Siti Khalijah Zainal, Syaiful Ariffin, Karen Tan, Tan Yuyang Ellison, Alexandre Thio, Patricia Toh,

Yazid Jalil




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Voyage Night Festival 2011

National Musuem of Singapore


History’s famous explorers like Cheng Ho, Vasco da Gama, Marco Polo and Ferdinand Magellan have assumed mythical proportions for their grand voyages. Heroically, they ventured across unchartered waters and into unknown territories, braving danger and uncertainty in the high seas. Stories of high adventure also surround fictional heroes like Sinbad the Sailor, who capture our imagination for their wild encounters with monsters and adventures.Alongside these figures, history is filled with stories of ordinary people from wonderfully diverse backgrounds who leave everything behind to discover new beginnings across continents and oceans. These journeys of uncertainty and peril also embody dreams of promise and future.


Inspired by these historical characters and stories of adventure, The Shape of a Dream is a theatrical and imaginary tale of pilgrims on a journey of a lifetime. Explorers, emperors, pirates, sailors, prisoners and island natives, with fantastical creatures like mermaids and monsters interact in highly symbolic, dramatic, entertaining and visually engaging pockets of human and superhuman activity. The pilgrims move across vast oceans and terrains bearing curiously shaped, towering structures- symbols of the past, present and future, of hope and necessity, and of dreams taking shape. The enigmatic larger-than-life symbols they bear, morph and evolve, in turn, surprising and awesome, to capture the physical, metaphysical and spiritual dimensions that journeys kindle. Glowing in the night sky they magnificently conjure visions of faith, courage and hope in a journey across all boundaries.

Opening of Gardens by the Bay

JoyArts and Cake Theatrical Productions


Commissioned by Gardens by the Bay for it's Opening Celebrations, Ring Around the Roses is a fun filled weekend of art, activity and performance for the young and young at heart. With an exciting Flora & Fauna theme and set in a carnival-like atmosphere, there will be so much to see and do!


Artistic Directors



Production Artist


Puppetry Performance directed by

Music designed and performed by

Performed by


Seniors Story Telling directed by

Performed by

Mime Performance directed by

Performed by


Drama Performances by




Music Performances by


Drumming by

Magic Act by

Mascot Acts by

Production Team







Jean Ng

Natalie Hennedige

Julius Foo

Neon Tights led by Nizam Supardi

Cake Theatrical Productions

Ian Loy

Serene Tan

Nur Khairiyah bte Ramli,

Bright Ong & Natalie Wong

Julius Foo & Jean Ng

Catherine Sng & Daisy Yeo

Fanny Kee

Mario Chan, Amber Hoo

& Joash Tang

Singapore Chinese Girls' Primary School, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School & River Valley Primary School

Juni & Peter

One Hat Town Community

Down Syndrome Association

Mr Bottle

John Cheah & Fazli Ahmad

John Cheah, Athena Foo, Justina Khoo, Hatta Sulaiman, Nadia Noordin, Nureen Raidah, Bernice Ong, Ong Chin Hwee, Ellison Tan, Tan Liting, Alexandre Thio & Olivia Vong

Ring Around the Roses



7-8 July 2012

Gardens by the Bay



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Flower Nymphs




30 June-1 July 2012

Gardens by the Bay





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Opening of Gardens by the Bay


Commissioned by Gardens by the Bay for it's Opening Celebrations, Flower Nymphs is a visually arresting and delightful roving performance that offers a whimsical take on The Garden’s beautiful flowers. With music, dance, physical theatre and fascinating costumes made up of hundreds of colourful plastic balls, Flower Nymphs offers a playful contrast to the Garden’s gorgeous natural environment while highlighting the dramatic, sensuous and joyful qualities of flowers, igniting the Garden with wonderful pockets of surprise, amusement and delight!

Directed by

Sound Design by

Production Design by

Choreography by

Performed by



















Natalie Hennedige

Neon Tights

Philip Tan

Tay Weiliang

Nurul Amalina A. Shukor, Amitha Pagolu, Noor Azlan Misnan, Felipe Cervera, John Cheah, Isabella Chiam, Chng Xin Xuan, Fadhuli Fauzi, Faizal Abdullah, Fazli Bin Ahmad, Al Hafiz Sanusi, Narelle Kheng, Cheryl Kuek Jia Min, Lei Hoi, Ian Loy, Zach Ng, Norhaizad Adam, Nureen Raidah, Ong Chin Hwee, Rizman Putra, Syaiful 'Ariffin Bin Abdul Rahman, Brian Bartholomew Tan, Jo Tan, Tay Wei Liang, Eunice Wee, Natalie B. Wong, Priscilla Yang

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