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Paradise Alley

Paradise Alley is a free annual outdoor performance presented by Cake. Fusing experimental theatre with visual spectacle, Paradise Alley takes to the streets, bringing theatre into common spaces to capture, enthral and uplift the spirit and imagination of audiences in a diverse and electrifying gathering.

Cake’s education and outreach division, Sweet Tooth, aims to be at the forefront of Theatre-In-Education, using drama programmes and workshops to educate and empower our

young people and community.

Sweet Tooth

In A Decade is training playground initiated by Cake, to provide a creative exploratory space for the next generation of arts practitioners in Singapore. Participants come with a variety of interests: acting, production work, design, directing, producing, writing or a combination of that list. For a time they get involved with Cake in as many ways as possible, gaining a deep sense of the company's artistic philosophy and working dynamics, delving into past works and imagining fresh possibilities. In A Decade is a personal and collective artistic journey.

In A Decade

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