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Conceived & curated by Artistic Director Natalie Hennedige, Cake’s Decimal Points series establishes Cake’s commitment to experimentation and exploring the possibilities of performance making. Coming from the vantage point of the artists' respective disciplines

ranging from film making to performance art and sound design, Decimal Points is a series

of art experiments that fuel artistic creation through process and exploration.

September 2013    

Decimal Points 5.1 | Rizman Putra Decimal Points 0.01 | David Lee Decimal Points 4.44 | Brian Gothong Tan

November 2012

Decimal Points 7.7 | Philip Tan

November 2011

Decimal Points: First Station Decimal Points 810 | Neo Kim Seng

May 2011

May 2012

November 2015

Decimal Points [infinity] | neon tights

May 2015

Decimal Points 0 | Andy Lim Running With Strippers

October 2014

April 2014


July 2019

Running with Strippers : On the Rocks

July 2018

Running with Strippers : Thou Shall Not Running With Strippers : Rave

July 2017