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Cake’s studio undergoes a complete strip down, making way for a 124ft X 21ft cavern for art. Running with Strippers features artists and their creations, spilling across genres from performance to performance art, installation to performance installation and music; each segment adding up to three nights of alternative artistic encounters brought to you by artists across disciplines bent on designing original work with a spirit of experimentation and exposing varying degrees of nakedness, metaphorical or otherwise.



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19 - 21 November 2015

90 Goodman Road  

Blk E #03-32


A seedbed of artistic exploration and expression, transmitting ideas that offer audiences alternative experiences and ways of looking at art and performance making, Running with Strippers carves out an event in Cake’s actual workspace, flipping these daily quarters into an overnight venue of artistic possibility, defined only by the limits of the walls that make up a long rectangular room. Be our guest.