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Directed by







Sound Design

Production Design

Visual Design

Lighting Design

Video Design


Rizman Putra

Mohd Fared

Jainal Tay

Wei Liang

Pat Toh

Michelle Tan



David Lee

Suven Chan

Brian Gothong Tan





Copyright, all rights reserved 2013

Cake Theatrical Productions presents

Decimal Points [infinity]


No words heard written spoken can fix what is broken but

damn if we don’t try try try harder faster to be stronger better

than our yesterday selves so all eyes ears fists fingers we delve

into territory unknown how time has flown now we are standing

scared in the sacred soul-searching whilst naked wondering

wandering about this machine is there a place any space to pin





If a body seeks a home, it must either find or build one. Decimal Points [infinity] is a journey into an amusement park of disorder and wonder, beginning as always with the human thirst for understanding and propelling itself right into the jagged terrain where chaos meets comprehension.

Copyright of Cake Theatrical Productions


22 – 23 May 2015, 8pm

The Substation Theatre

$25 | $20  

To book, email us at

Decimal Points


Presented by Cake Theatrical Productions in partnership with The Substation and curated by Natalie Hennedige, Decimal Points is a series of art experiments that fuel artistic creation through process and exploration. Over the course of two years (2014 – 2015), three artistic experiments are made, each helmed by an individual artist - Neo Kim Seng, Andy Lim and neontights. In the third year, all three artists bring forth a new work inspired and enriched by a two-year span of research, exploration and creation.